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Family is at the heart of this business, which is one of the many reasons Scorpio Worldwide has become a leading and multi-award winning distribution specialist in the global travel retail industry. Even though we reside within the Gebr. Heinemann Group, we are an independently managed company and we pride ourselves on being small, allowing us to get the job done efficiently and, of course, with a smile!

We provide the complete package: sales, marketing and distribution for airlines, airports, and marine retailers – how many can say they do all that! If you have a look around our website you will see our products include major brands in watches, cosmetics, jewellery, accessories, well-being, gadgets and other travel goods, making us a one-stop-shop for all your inflight needs.


We are an open and transparent organisation built upon strong and enduring relationships with our clients, colleagues and the industry at large. With us what you see is what you get - honest, trustworthy, hard working and conscientious people united by a determination to do what’s best for all. If, or when, we make mistakes, it’s because we’re human, but we’ll learn from them and make things better.


Friendliness has always been a major part of our personality and it’s something we will never lose. We will always be approachable and helpful in good times and bad, there to celebrate and share, or empathise and support, whatever the situation demands.


We know that by choosing to work with Scorpio, our clients and partners have entrusted us with an immense privilege upon which their business depends. As we have grown, so too has this responsibility, and we have developed and perfected our own rigorous procedures and processes that will ensure that we continue to deliver even in the most exacting of circumstances.


When we started the company, we knew that entrepreneurialism and competitiveness would be key to our success and we have tried to stay true to this ever since. Nothing is, or ever will be, good enough. We want to be recognised for innovation and proactivity, and will always strive to set new benchmarks across the industry.