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It’s annoying when something goes wrong isn’t it? We may not sell products directly to the public, but don’t worry, if something is up-the-creek with one of our products and it’s covered by our Scorpio Worldwide warranty then have a look below at our FAQs.

Warranty: We are sorry if there is an issue with your watch but don’t panic - it’s covered by our Scorpio warranty, so grab your iPad or iPhone and send us an email at: Or if you still enjoy the ways of the good old pencil and pad, send us a letter to: Scorpio Worldwide Service Centre, International House D2, Old Brighton Road, Lowfield Health, Crawley, West Sussex, UK, RH11 0PR. No pigeons please!

Proof of Purchase/Receipts: In order to make a claim against a warranty, customers must be able to provide proof of purchase. Normally this would be the receipt issued at the time but we will also accept other proof such as a credit card statement where the price is clearly and correctly displayed.

Refunds: As a manufacturer and distributor our products are sold through a global travel retail network by a wide variety of partners. Therefore, because we do not sell direct to end users, refunds can only be provided by the company from which the product was bought.

Replacements: Most of our watches are covered by a “new for old” warranty. If there is a problem that is covered by this warranty the product can be returned to our Service Centre and we will replace it with a new watch of the same model free of charge. If the model has been discontinued or is not in stock, we will provide a similar model of equivalent value instead.

Repairs: We regret that we are unable to offer a repair service. However, depending on the damage and the terms of the warranty, it may be possible to provide a replacement (see above). Alternatively, if the product is out of warranty, a replacement will be offered at a fixed fee, dependent on the watch brand and model.

Straps: Due to the nature of the product, watch straps are not covered by our warranties. However, new straps for most Aviator Traveller Collection, F-Series, and Sturmanski watches can be purchased from our Service Centre.

Batteries: All of our watches use standard batteries that can be purchased from your local watch or jewellery retailer. Scorpio does not provide a battery replacement service.

Postage: Scorpio Worldwide will cover the cost of postage for dispatching a replacement product but cannot be responsible for the postage costs of returned items which must be covered by the customer.

Payment: We can accept payment by cheque, credit card (via Worldpay), or bank transfer. Please email us at for more details.